nVIDIA 7900GS need help

after 2 years of use I got some Problem with gpu fan and getting burning smell so I gave for repair to its service center (the card is in warranty)

After repair it temp is showing 43c and they change there normal gpu fan with zalman gpu fan and before repair i was getting 65c to 85c
are they change some thing

I notice that my gpu speed is lowed is that true

Can i give then back again ?

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  1. What is the card vendor? Was it factory overclocked? Because those are default speeds.
  2. My 7900gs was stock at 450/660. I got rid of the stock cooler and replaced it with a Cooler Master Vivo and dropped my temps from 90 load to 48 load 40 idle.. I noticed artifacts on mine after nearing the 1.5-2 year mark. I had mine overclocked to 560/800 half the time tho.I've never smelled anything burning from mine. Mine was also E-VGA. Hope this helps
  3. Sounds like you were using a factory overclocked card. Since they gave you a nice new fan, just up the core and memory clock with Rivatuner. I suggest 560/750 as a safe place for the card to be, especially if you are new at overclocking.

    If anything, you just got upgraded. Rejoice :) !
  4. Thanks to all for your great reply
    The vendor is BigTek. Buy form Bigtek because its service center is near
    I just want the default speed
    I thought that memory speed is DDR speed which is 1320MHz
    Where can i see this speed i tried Everest also
  5. I don't know what program will show you the actually speed, but 660 x 2 = 1320 because you have GDDR3 memory. Check online if other users have your card. My card's default clocks were listed in my previous post. Good luck
  6. gpu z....duh
  7. GPU-Z shows 660...not the actual spead of 660*2, I think you may have understood me, read it again.
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