just installed hd3850 vista wont boot


I just installed a Asus HD 3850 into my asus motherboard after uninstalling my old x1900 drivers. When I booted up the computer it beeped went past bios and at one point just barely got into the windows booting screen with the loading bar (sometimes it doesent even get that far.).

It then goes into a screen where the image is off center so i cant read all the text but the jist of it is that windows cannot boot for several possible reasons and it gives me the options of several safe boot modes, regular boot and rollback to last working configuration. All fail to start and the screen comes back. I tried reinserting the x1900 and the same thing happend. PLEASE HELP!!

(is it possible I knocked the hardrive and broke it while I moved my computer?)

Thanks so much in advance Tai.

BTW I have 4 gigs of ddr 3200 ram, if im missing anything else let me know..
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  1. HEllpp1!!!!
  2. Whats your PSU rated at? Sounds like an older rig with DDR 3200 RAM...

    Ignore soz forgot you used to have a X1900.

    Have you changed anything at all in the BIOS?
  3. taidan how did you delete old video drivers?

    also did you mean it will not go into safe mode?

    should be able to tap on F8 when you start to boot pc up and it will give you the option to go into safe mode .

    also what power supply do you have( make), (model) ,(wattage) also it will say on the side what the 12 volt rail or rails amps are
  4. also thinking it was the the PCIe slot i switched to the slave, still no dice. Bios is unchanged. Safe Mode WONT boot , simply goes back to the same fail to start screen.

    When I hit f8 to get into safe mode that way the only OS it gives me to boot is 64bit windows xp and i have 32bit vista!!!! (i used to have 64bit xp but it should be completely gone.).

    I dont know my power supply, i think it is atleast 450 watt, the only information that is visible was an ultra brand name and 12 volts. But when i put the 1900 back in it still fails so what does that mean?

    I deleted the old drivers by right clicking on my computer going into device manager and getting rid of it there.

    Thanks for your help.
  5. Did you format your drive before installing vista?

    Do you still have your Vista OS install disc? Might become a format HDD jobber if the drivers weren't deleted before the vista install.. I could be wrong mind.

    Pretty sure the x1900 is way more power hungry than a 3850 so that can eliminate the PSU...
  6. I did not install vista, the company the company that put my comp together did. I will look for my vista install disc, can I just boot from it without reinstalling/formatting?
  7. Before that did something simple, but did you connect the PSU to your GFX card?
  8. Press f8 or on the safe mode screen select ENABLE VGA MODE and that will let you see your screen.
  9. VGA mode did not boot either.
  10. taidan what psu and what is the 12volt rail ampage rated at ?
  11. Im trying to look up the model number to find more specs but for right now I can tell you it says .26 A next to 12V on the fan. THANKS for your help!
  12. taidan so you are connecting the six pin power supply connector to the 6 pin connector on the video card right.

    also is it a 350,400 ,450, 500 ?watt psu.
  13. Yes it is connected, Im trying to find out the wattage but if i put in my 1900 I still have the same problem.
  14. taidan your right you should be able to put the x1900 in and it come up,if you get it to come up to window screen even if image is off center so i cant read all the text.right click and see if you can reset screen resolution 800x 600 etc
  15. even with the 1900 it doesent boot. windows tries and then it gives me the option to safe mode, regular or restore. never gets past the windows loading screen
  16. taidan I take it you have tryed all three options safe mode, regular or restore.

    Windows should boot with that card even if it was not enough power. It will Blue Screen when you try to run an app that requires a lot of power. It would at least boot to Windows even with no additional power connected to it. So I don't think it is a power issue.

    Seems like during the uninstall of Video drivers caused some type of corruption in Windows. You can try to do a repair via Windows CD which shouldn't loose any data. This rarely works but I have had it work. Depends on how severe the corruption is. If that doesn't work reload windows. If I had to guess it is definitely software related since the old card does the same thing and you get video on the monitor with the new card. More than likely if the card was bad it wouldn't display anything. If you have data that you can't loose on the drive, make sure you back it up before reload. A reload of the OS will definitely fix it.
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