Overclocking PCI-E frequency??

hi guys,

is it safe to overclock pci-e frequency ??

what does it do?.... thanks
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  1. Dont do it, you risk damage to GFX card and perhaps mobo while there is no gains from doing it(or at least nothing worth mentioning). Google "overclocking pci-e" and you will find hundreds of posts saying pretty much the same.
  2. you can do but it can corrupt your os very quickly, the pros only do it to get better benchmark scores.
  3. Another vote for
    Don't do it.
  4. I have tried upping the freq. to 103/105/110 ...... no difference at all.... at least in my opinion the PCI-E frequency is useless......
  5. It would increase your PCI-e bandwidth. But since you're not capped by you PCI-e bandwidth i'd suggest not changing it. Changing it can cause instability, much like everyone else has said.
  6. earlier on i tried,

    from 100 MHZ to 110 MHZ

    i got 20 more sm2.0 points and like 16 more HDR poins or something, and -1 cpu score (that 1 point lost may have been anything)

    ill leave it off, thanks guys!!!!!!!! this forum is really awesome, im muchly happy i found it!
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