Next adventure... B.S.O.D under load.

Well. For a first time pc builder, im had a massive drama with my new pc. haha. HOPEFULLY im coming to an end.

So, the latest and greatest error. Random restarts under load.

Gist of it is. i've had some memory issues as of late, with complete pc freezes. Did a little playing around, and now it works for abit longer(Switching ram around in different slots) but instead of freezing, just reboots my pc (bsod i take it, my pc is set to just restart, not show the errors, which i'll do when i get home)

But yeah, so when playing games, they will last alot longer (talking 1 hour +) and under prime 95 n stuff, 30 mins. But then it just randomly restarts. With all the **** i've had with my memory (Crucial Ballistix ddr2 800, fyi. What junk...) i wouldnt' be surprised if it is memory related.

Spec's if needed.

p5e deluxe
Corsair 620 hx.
4gb (4 x 1gb) Crucial ballistix
Vista H.P 64bit.

I've got new memory waiting at home for me after work (Thank you G-skill) But by the sounds of my issue, what do you guys think it could be? Mainly memory related or something else?

Thanks for any advice guys.

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  1. What are your temps looking like under load? Have you done any overclocking? Have you ran Memtest86+ on you computer?
  2. Temps are all pretty good. Nothing is really overheating.

    No overclocking yet. and i haven't ran Memtest86 yet, but i've done prime and ST2004? or what it was.

    So basically with prime n stuff. Just cpu tests, hodls it fine, no problems, but when it comes to stressing the memory, it will reset after a period of time.

    To me it seems that the memory just can't handle the load, which either says its faulty. because i've tried reseating it also with no luck.
  3. Please post the rated MHz of the ram, your current FSB at, and the divider at? If the FSB is to high or the ram divider too high then the ram wont be stable.

    If all of that is ok then try running memtest86+ individually on each stick of ram to see if you have a faulty stick in there. Also you can try increasing the RAM voltage (probably to 2.0 or 2.1 but that depepnds on what the normal ram voltage is). Finally try lowering the timings to 5-5-5-15 if they aren't already.
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