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I have an ECS IC780M-A motherboard with a X2 550 and DDR2 800 RAM. The M.I.B. II overclocking utility is a little confusing to me and I was hoping you guys could help me out with it.

Here are my current settings:

DRAM Frequency: Manual
Memclock Value: 400MHz (trying to keep RAM at default speed)

Auto Detect DIMM/PCI Clk: Disabled
HT Frequency: 800 MHz (should be about a 4x HT right?)
CPU/HT Reference Clock (MHz): 230
Spread Spectrum Disabled
SB Clock Spread Spectrum: Disabled

Volatage Function: Disabled

I can't seem to get my reference clock above 244Mhz, even when setting volatage to 1.5v. I don't see a NB voltage setting anywhere, and I'm still confused on what the HT Frequency should be.

How can I get my CPU above 244Mhz (permanent 15.5x multiplier) stable?
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  1. The M.I.B. II is certainly different than on my previous motherboard. I'm not 100% the 15.5x multiplier is permanent but I haven't found anything to change it.

    Where else could I find the North Bridge voltage settings and should I tweak them if I lower my HT to something 600MHz?
  2. Seriously no one can help?
  3. Hey ovrclkr, we need a sticky for that. You wanna work on it?
  4. yea sure......

    heh, that would help ALOT....lol...
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