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I'm new here and have done some searching but can't find the answer to my question. I have an E7300 cpu. When I run CPU-Z it tells me that my bus speed is 267 and rated FSB is 1066. From searching this I understand that CPU speed equals bus speed X muliplier. My question is why is the "rated" FSB 1066 when the actual bus speed is 267?
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  1. You take the fsb and multiply it by 4 to get the rated speed. This is what the rest of your components (nb and sb) will run at.
  2. thanks for the info but why is it muliplied by 4?
  3. Well according to the A+ certification test, since P4 era the fsb has been "quad pumped". Basically it is multiplied by 4 just because that is how it is designed. No other reason for it.
  4. got it, I looked up quad pumping and it makes sense now. Thanks
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