help a newbie builder out.. is this ok???

hi guys... just orderd some parts for my first build... just wonderin if i got my moneys worth.... "BANG for BUCK".. if u know what i mean....

here are the parts i bought:





here are the parts i just got out from my old computer:

HARD DRIVE: 500GB SATASATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec) 7200 rpm

MEMORY:2 GB PC2 -5300 MB/sec 240 pin, DDR2DDR2 SDRAM SDRAM (planning to buy a new one... what would you guys recommend?)

CPU:AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 5000+

Well thats it.... if you guys have any comments or suggetions im very open minded... taking into consideration that im just a newbie at system building... teach me masters.. hehe
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  1. None of your links work.
  2. oh sori.... it should work now...
  3. go for it
  4. Personally never heard of that MoBo. Judging by the reviews it seems good. Everything looks good to me.
  5. Same board is cheaper at NewEgg...

    Since you purchased a seperate video card is there a specific reason you've bought a MoBo with onboard video?

    Also your power supply is a bit of an don't really need an SLi ready PSU since the board you have only has one PCIe X 16 slot you can't use CF or SLi.
  6. ok well... dumb decision for me actually for buying the motherboard coz i thought the " ati hybrid graphics feature would work on any radeon series.. then i found out after ordering it...that it would only work on 3450 and 3470s... huhu.. (wouldnt it be sick if the hybrid graphics feature would work on any radeon series)

    and for the psu.. i actually chose the sli ready feature intentionally... so i wouldnt nid to buy a new psu wen i start buying a new mother board with crossfirex ready or sli ready feature...

    and damn... my buddies.. they told me tiger direct was the cheapest place to get hardware... didnt think that newegg had a cheaper motherboard...

    im such a dumbass... oh well... at least im learning from yhou guys...

    but overall.. how would you rate the system im makin.. in a scale of 1 to 5...

    and any comments about the video card.. will it last me long enough before i start buying a new one...
  7. the hybrid graphics pulls down the graphics power of the more powerful gpu from what ive heard

    newegg rocks, never forget that...your friends dont know squat

    the one houston built gets a 6 outta 5, gj houston
  8. oh man... im so regreting why i bought in tiger direct... oh well... wats done is done... well at least can i know the good things i chose... what are the things i should change... and rate my build in a gmaers point of view
  9. Really the important thing is.....can you play what you want to play with your current config?

    I'm not familiar with the MoBo brand...I've used MSI boards until my last build and I've got an EVGA 790i Ultra. I think most people here would steer you towards a Gigabyte or an ASUS MoBo...they are both pretty solid reliable brands.

    Are you opposed to switching to Intel? What's coming down the road from them looks like it's going to be pretty sweet. I was an AMD fanboi until they lost the plot with their procs.
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