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I had a GA-965P-S3 mother board running a Raid 1 configuration with Vista. I was having lockup issues so I updated the BIOS to the latest rev. When I downloaded the Bios I noticed an updated SATA RAID driver so I downloaded that and installed it as well after the BIOS update. Somehow my BIOS setting changed from RAID to IDE mode and my raid is no longer working. The Gigabyte raid configuration is not detecting my drives and when I enable RAID in the BIOS the computer hangs at detecting drives.

Is there any way to recover this without re-installing everything? Did I screw myself updating the drivers while the RAID was broken?

Sincerely appreciate the time and help.
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  1. I don't understand, have you tried setting the BIOS settings back to looking for SATA drives instead of IDE for RAID?
  2. Yes, IDE mode works fine and boots into Vista except my drives are no longer mirrored. The BIOS must be set to RAID if I am going to run RAID 1.

    That gives me an idea. Since my RAID got messed up I have been booting up and running off just one of the drives. Shouldn't my mirrored drive that I haven't been using still contain my entire system prior to the driver updates? If I swap drives do you suppose the system will boot on the drive I haven't been using, detect the mirror is messed up and ask to repair it?
  3. That didn't work.

    Now I can't even set up a new array because wenever I enable raid in the BIOS Jmicron locks up detecting drives please wait....

    Does anyone know what that is about and how to get past it?
  4. Ok. I finally figured this out. What a pain. The problem is the Bios update to F14. F13 works fine. The F14 bios will cause raid configurer to report "raid device not found" in windows. It would also only let me run in raid mode if I disconnected everything on the the IDE connector.

    Thanks Gigabyte for the b.s. update. I guess this stumped everybody. No help here and I even called Gigabyte tech support! They told me to do a low level fomat of my disk drives!

    Im going to bed...
  5. I can't thank you enough geckoeyes not only for figuring this out but also for taking the time to share the solution. I have the exact same motherboard, two drives in RAID-1 on the SATA ports and an old IDE hardrive and CD drive chained on the IDE port. I had the same "detecting drives" problem you were having, and unplugging the IDE cable did the trick!
  6. makebbekus said:
    I can't thank you enough geckoeyes not only for figuring this out but also for taking the time to share the solution.

    Yeah, real good netiquette there. It drives me ****ing nuts when I search for a solution to a problem I'm having, only to come across threads that end with "nevermind, I figured out how to fix it."
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