please help with mobo advice

Hi everyone,

after i received excellent advice regarding my new sapphire 4850 from here i figured i would beg for help on my new MOBO selection.

Here's the backround and requirments...

I have a Q6600 and 2 x sapphire 4850's with DDR2 RAM

I want a new a board which is pretty good for overclocking, supports ddr2 and can run my 2 4850's at there full 16x potential.

I know this must be boring as hell for you guys answering this all the time but i really am confused to hell, i can understand specs etc but having trouble in actually finding out for certain if the boards support the full dual 16x PCIE connection, some of them say it then i read that they only offer 4x in bandwith...

I was looking at ...


I am open to any suggestions really, providing they meet the criterea..!

P.S - I don't have a budget really, but obviosuly if a £140 is pretty m8u
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  1. Get the X48 DQ6. All X48 boards should have full 2*x16. P45 is 2*x8.
  2. just to clarify will they work as dual 16x together? I.E 32x bandwith i think is the correct term?

    Ive seen boards which have dual 16x slots but will only have a joint bandwith of 8x... maybe i was looking at the wrong boards... just need someone to clarify really
  3. No when I meant 2*16 I meant 2 PCIe slots at x16 each same thing with 2*x8 2 PCie slots at x8 each.
  4. oh ok, no prob...

    can someone confirm whether or not this board runs 2 cards at the full x16 then?

    excuse ignorance it's all a bit new to me...
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