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Hi all, I recently bought a new pc, intended for gaming use, the system specs are as follows

Q6600 processor
4X1G1 Crosair ddr800mhz
Asus p5n-e sli
500gb sata seagate barracuda
8500gt 512mb
Thermaltake case
COLORSit 550 watt psu

The first thing I wanted to do with this pc was upgrade the graphics card as the 8500gt is poor for heavy gaming I have been made to believe lol :(

The card I have my eye on is the bfg 9800gtx :D which I am going to purchase any day now.

My questions is will my PSU run this card as I have read that this card needs a PSU with 26a on the +12 volt rail???
I dont really know much about PSU's but I have popped off the case and had a look at the side of the PSU and it is as follows

+3.3V @ 28A
+5V @ 30A
+12V @ 20A

I dont want to risk puttin the card into my system incase it nuke's itself lol

Also I have had a look on ebay for the COLORSit PSU and they seem a pretty cheap make but as long as it where to the the card I would be happy as I dont really have alot of crap pluged into the system.

If I need a new psu I would be willing to spend around £50 max! would this get me a decent PSU?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. No, that PSU has only 20A on the +12V rail.
    50 British pounds looks to be about $94, so yes, you should be able to find something decent.
  2. Cheers jtt283

    you have just confirmed my worst fears lol, but least im not gonna run the risk of blowing my computer up, any suggestions on what sorta PSU I should go for??? and also I really am only gettin the 9800gtx because it apparantly has good preformance, well from what I have seen on comparason charts, Is there a better card out there for same sorta price?

    many thanks again jtt283
  3. ati 4850 is as good in current games and has a higher score in the new vantage benchmark, so you might be more futureproof getting instead of 9800 gtx. If ur going for 9800 get the GTX+, same price, cooler and slighlty faster. Anyway whatever you choose they both kick ass in all current games and you'll have a ton of fun with it.
  4. cheers shening

    ill have a look into it and check out both cards abit more, would the 4850 run on a 550 WATT PSU +12V rail @ 20A or would I still require a better psu?
  5. http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3341&p=22

    they have the exact same consumption almost of 228 W, meaning 228W/12V = 19 A. so THEORETICALY your psu would be enough ASSUMING it gives 20A and you dont have HDD or CDrom drive lol, which im sure is not the case. So yeh I would buy another PSU
  6. are you sure ur PSU only has 1 +12V rail, like does it say something like +12V1 20A, +12V2 18A? or just +12V 20A. If its just one +12V u need a new psu for sure
  7. no man the only numbers that it has listed on the side is

    +3.3V @ 28A
    +5V @ 30A
    +12V @ 20A
    the only other "12" number there is ...is -12V @ 0.5A
    I have found a review on another psu from same company


    they really seem to be a dodgey make lol think ill def go for a new psu
  8. If the numbers listed are your actual amperage, then you have a 500 watt model, as none of their 550w models have those amps.

    The 550w models(on their site) all have
    except the one with Dual Rails which has 12v@18A+18A

    Ive found others that are not listed but they all have 30A on +12v
  9. I found a great brand PSU within your budget,
    Its a Seasonic S12II-500
    £45.14 exc VAT

    The OCZ StealthXStream 600w Silent SLI @ £49.99(£58.74 inc VAT)


    And for the same price
    Antec TruePower Trio TP3-550 GB

    All 3 meet the requirements for the 9800GTX and 4850
    And are Decent to Good PSU's
  10. Hey, im soryy the article i read was total system power consumption and i didnt see that at first.

    Heres the link with just the gfx card consumption


    so up to 156, but i would get a new psu lol, better not to risk it
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