What does "PCI-E2/CPU2" mean on the OCZ StealthXStream 600W psu label?


According to the label (URL below), the OCZ StealthXStream 600W power supply has "PCI-E2/CPU2" on the 12V2 virtual rail, and PCI-E1 on the 12V4 virtual rail. What does "PCI-E2/CPU2" mean? Would I be correct in assuming that one of the two PCI-E connectors (i.e. PCI-E2) is fed by 12V2, and the other is fed by 12V4?

But looking at the mechanical drawings at OCZ's website (http://www.ocztechnology.com/drivers/600SXS_MD.pdf), I saw that the two PCI-E connectors are labeled as 12V4. So what in the world does the label mean when it says that "PCI-E2/CPU2" is on the 12V2 rail? I want to apologize in advance for my lack of power supply literacy, and I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks!

PSU label: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.aspx?CurImage=17-341-010-03.jpg&Image=17-341-010-09.jpg%2c17-341-010-02.jpg%2c17-341-010-03.jpg%2c17-341-010-04.jpg%2c17-341-010-05.jpg%2c17-341-010-06.jpg%2c17-341-010-07.jpg&S7ImageFlag=0&WaterMark=1&Item=N82E16817341010&Depa=0&Description=OCZ%20StealthXStream%20OCZ600SXS%20600W%20Power%20Supply
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  1. Yep, the first PCI-E (graphics power) connector is on the +12V4 rail, and the second PCI-E connector is on the +12V2 rail. The +12V2 rail is also used for the 4pin/8pin CPU power connector.
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