Envision, What would work good and FSB Question Q6600, Q9300, or Q8200

Im upgrading from a pentium D 960 so bout anything would be worth it from all i read. but i wondered since the q9550 has a 1333-FSB, would there not be much bennifit in it over a Q9300- Q8200 or even a Q6600. Tell me if im missing somethin but i supporse the 45nm clock is 5% faster clock for clock. and the q9550 does have more L2 cache. however, my question is, and maybe we should part this out part for part and the topic now would be the Front-Side-Bus w/ memory

Ram Question as well, (i know DDR3 is expensive and not a performance vs cost question) performance

1: is it nessasiry to use DDR3 1333 to get the most performance out of the 1333FSB vs a 1066-fsb

2. if DDR 2 1066mem would be fine, how would that work quad pumped on these would not be 233mhz [ maybe memory but 4x same number wont equal the 1333 bus here], (might be missin somthin here, i read the OC article though)

3. i need to buy new memory for the system im building, (giving this one to my lady and it has ddr 6400) Staying withen the DDR2 envolope would DDR2 1200 (9600) , be of any great benifit over DDR2 1066 memory for the 1333fsb of the 45nm proc.

About me, id press this proccessor full most of the time , i have a 9800gtx+, and my envisioned normal day would be playing a blu-ray on the 22inch 3000:1 contrast ration monitor, running virus scan, while playing a cool newer game like crysis/online mmo with another 22 inch monitor 8000:1 Samsung and 10 web browsers open. (all togetherr 2x 22inch monitors) tryin to squeze the most out of my money id hope this envison is possable and heard it is, cause after the processor and before the nehlam benchmarks and maturity. id have to squeze what i could out of this. Now for 105 bucks i could get 4GB of 2x 2gb sticks of DDR1066 but if theres a big difference id rather spend the 70-80 for 2x 1GBsticks and max that to 4gb total

]nd in 1 year hopefully nehlem will be well mature motherboards and all and octo cores, and take this new setup further but thats down the line a bit.}
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  1. hmm, sounds to me you might be confused about the fsb of the CPU in regards to the memory

    you don't need ddr1333 to go with a 1333mhz fsb of say, a Q9550.

    a Q9550 has a fsb clock of 333mhz, cpu's are quad pumped for a fsb frequency of 1333mhz (333x4) = 1333.

    so if you left your Q9550 (if you chose to get one), you would only need a 667mhz ram to run it in synchronous speed.
    ram is double pumped or x2. so 667(ram freq)x2= 1333 <---fsb freq of cpu

    so if you got the DDR21066, you would need to reach a fsb freq of 2132 on your CPU to push your ram to the rated limit...or 533 fsb clock... 533x4=2132

    so you're good with DDR21066. so which answers your question 1. you don't need DDR3 1333, just a waste of money atm.

    i think i answered question 2 above in my post

    and question 3, you would be fine with DDR2 1066, it'll be more than enough for the 45nm's

    one last note, if you plan to OC, get 2x2gb instead of 4x1. there is a reason why 2x2 is more expensive. if you OC, you could get tighter timings with 2x2 rather than with 4x1. and your board has to send more voltage to 4 physical memory modules rather than 2.
  2. ok thanks . well not overclocking. and at most i overclock 200-400mgz of total cpu 2.8-3.2 is most i'll overclock if any. got another question for ya 2 actually

    1. would there be any difference in performance not overclocking using DDR2 1200 (9600) vs DDR2 1066 (8500)

    2. if i can save 50 bucks (cause i have a spare 2x512= 1gb set) would i see any difference in DDR2-800 vs DDR2 1066

    It stays in synch. and at any of those speeds im understanding your saying maybe im wrong that the bandwidth in memory is so fast it don't make much a difference between the 3 high end /performance DDR2 modules?
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