X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro VS Asus Xonar D2X

I am ordering one of these 2 cards today.I have been reading reviews for the last few days and it looks like both cards are very good.Most people recommend the xonar but the lack of EAX(3,4,5)is keeping me from buying it.I am now using a SB Audigy 2 and a pair of Alesis Active Nearfield Monitors.Card is needed mainly for gaming and music.There is one other thing,I don't know if the xonar will fit in my Abit IP-35 Pro board,as it could hit my ram,can someone tell me how long it is?Which one do you guys recommend,the Titanium or the Xonar?
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  1. Did anybody answer you question? I'm in the same predicament you were in a few months ago. Both cards are priced right around the same, and both cards have been praised by many reviews. It's a tough decision for me as well. However, I'm a little more into games than music, so for me it may end up been the FATAL1TY card. I do other things like video editing and music mixing, but gaming is where I want to have the best sound possible. I've been hearing all these claims about video conflicts with PCI-E sound cards. I don't know... hopefully you got one of the two and can tell me how it has work out for you.
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