Cannot format hard drive help?

My issue currently is I want to reformat my D drive (I have two hard drives)
my current OS is Windows 7 64x ultimate and that is installed on my C drive (300g raptor)
Ive got about 200gb of usless junk on my D drive which I have been trying to format, but i cannot format it because its on 'drive 0'

So I went into bios to try and make the C drive the boot drive, and when I reboot i get the message saying

"Reboot and select proper boot device"

I cannot figure out what to do :S
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  1. I would disconnect the C: drive replace it with the one you want to format and boot from a Windows CD, run a Windows install up to the point where it reformats (pick regular rather than quick format) and repartitions the disk. After that stop.

    Note: this is based on using XP, I'm guessing 7 is similar.

    Reassemble as it was before and if necessary format the D: drive in Windows.
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    It appears your BIOS is confused and trying to boot from the D: drive. Ideally your boot drive, C:, should be connected to the first port - assuming you're using
    SATA units, it is probably labeled "SATA_0" on the mobo. However, the exact port you use is not SUPPOSED to matter if the BIOS is set right.

    Anyway, disconnect both drives, then connect the boot drive to the SATA_0 port. Boot into BIOS Setup and go to where the Boot Priority Sequence is set. It should use the only (at this point) HDD available. MAYBE (your choice) you set it to try the optical drive first, then the C: drive, and NO other choice. Save and Exit, and finish the boot - it should boot into Windows.

    Now shut down and reconnect the second drive to another SATA port. Boot back into BIOS Setup and verify that both drives are present. Also check Boot Priority Sequence again and be sure it does NOT refer to the second drive. Save and Exit and it ought to boot cleanly from your C: drive, leaving your D: drive accessible.

    That ought to get you to a place where Formatting the D: drive is do-able.

    Oh, I forgot one thing. Did you ever re-locate your Swap File to the D: drive to improve performance? Windows won't let you do nasty things like formatting to the drive that contains the Swap File, just as it tries to protect itself on the C: drive.
  3. I tried doing what you suggested paperdoc, but unfortunately I was hindered by the same message when my computer tried to boot from C drive (yes, the D drive was disconnected)

    I am convinced that somehow my system files installed on the D drive, the so the computer is telling me there is no OS on my c drive!

    So I am going to drag all my valuable files onto my D drive....reinstall windows 7 onto my C drive - and the issue should be removed

    then I will be able to reformat my D drive because the C drive will be 'drive 0'

    But its 1am here so I will try tomorrow morning,

    Can anyone confirm that this idea should work?
  4. What you propose will solve the problem, but it may take more work than you plan. Once you install Win 7 on the emptied-out Raptor, I am not sure that simply copying everything back will work. The new Install of Win 7 will not know anything about the applications software you have. As each application is installed, one thing it does is make entries in Windows' Registry. You may have to actually re-install all those applications to the C: drive, too. Then you can move the data files back to C: from the D: drive.
  5. I didnt mean program files, more as...downloaded installers (for the program) and mp3 music, photos ect

    but cutting to the chase, my idea previously didnt work as I still got the boot device error so what I did was

    unplug my D drive

    Installed windows 7 onto my C drive (for some reason i had to remove the D drive when i installed otherwise i would always get the boot error)

    Once I had installed windows 7 onto my C drive, I copied my valuable folders over, than I rebooted making my C drive 'drive 0'

    than I was able to reformat my D drive :)

    thanks for support everyone, and I hope my problem can help other people.

  6. Allways from now on you should make the place where you install windows ( any OS ) as your primary hard and the 2nd for other stuff. Any people who try format i suggest to backup their data online with a free software , one like Dmailer . Because looking threw bios could mess up your entire configurations.

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