new built system problems loading up windows

Putting together a AMDx2 64.
Everything seems to be working perfertly system wise.
Tho im unable to actually get into my operatin system for some reason.
I have gone n changed the boot sequence and all.
Totally confused. LOST!

Im not able to get pass "Start windows normally" Keeps restarting to system set up. The HD currently has a working operating system of Windows Xp PRO. Do you think the MOBO isn't compitable with my type of HD? I can and have changed the BIOS to RAID N IDE. Still nothing. PLEASE HELP! A.SAP! Thank you
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  1. Specs?
  2. MPN: K8M800 Micro

    Form Factor : Micro ATX

    Chipset : VIA K8M800

    Compatible Processors: AMD Athlon 64, AMD Sempron

    RAID Support: SATA RAID 0 • SATA RAID 1

    Socket Type: Socket AM2

    Bought with compatiable RAM N CPU.

    Have tried Seagate and Maxtor HDS. Both with WinXp Pro on them.

    Need more info please inform me!
  3. Is the os legit?

    Is it a fresh install?

    Tap F8 at boot before OS loads for a menu, select "disable auto... restart...", Enter. Note the 0x000000?? code & any offending program. Google these.
  4. OS = Operating system, correct? If so then its an actual OS program just cd key that will be input isn't. Would that create a problem with a new mobo being used? Im unable to boot from cd.
  5. Yes it was fresh install.
  6. Huh? You said you're unable to boot from cd, but it was a fresh install? You have an old copy of Windows on the harddisk?

    Try clearing cmos & loading bios defaults. If your drives show up in bios, they will work. Otherwise, they won't.
  7. It sounds like you are using an old install on a new system. This is probably what your problem is. Generally speaking, it's not a good idea to use a windows install from your old system on a new MB, as chipset drivers and such will likely cause conflicts and is probably why it keeps resetting on you. You need to figure out why you can't boot from CD, and run a fresh install on the system.

    Alternately, you could boot into safe mode, and try and run the repair utility. That MIGHT fix your problem.
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