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Installing a new HDD and OS into my tower but im getting a blank screen at start-up before BIOS no beeps no display errors just a blank screen. I also tried the graphics card that was in it and plugging straight into the mobo and still blank Could this be a driver problem? Also here are the specs.
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  1. Do you have another computer to make sure the monitor on? Just to make sure it is working. Also did you add a new HDD or replace the one you had in there before.

    Are you still running on the integrated graphics or have you upgraded to a dedicated video card?

    This will help to make points on what the problem might be.
  2. If I understand you correctly, the screen is blank, all the time. Nothing ever appears. Ever.

    If this is the case, no software is to blame, only hardware. Unplug everything to barebones - no GPU, no sound card, no hard disks, no optical drives, one stick of ram, no other add-on cards, no USB devices (except keyboard), nothing. See if it boots. If it does, add one device at a time until you get your problem again.
  3. HI thanks for the response

    It just beeped until i put the graphics card in. Ok ive gotten past the BIOS screen but now the screen is blank with a cursor at the top left. I checked the boot order and ive got it set to boot from CD-ROM to HDD no floppy. The drives card memory everything is recognized in the BIOS. This is a brand new un-formated HDD w/o OS does that have anything to do with it?
  4. Yes. If your computer has no operating system, then what it's doing right now is fine. Once the BIOS posts, the computer loads the operating system. If one isn't there, it just sits.
  5. ok im running the XP Pro setup im not sure what to do about what its asking. Its asking me if i want to install on an unpartitioned space or to create a partition in that space.
  6. I just did the same thing with a laptop and you want to create a partition in that space. When chose to install the OS on the newly partitioned space. And your good to go. By the way chose quick format... because if not then have fun sitting around for a while waiting. :D :D
  7. Delete all partitions and install on a new one. That is, unless you want to save things on those partitions.
    Quickformat can give you troubles later when windows is running. I've gotten a lot of flak from it, so I just go with regular format all the time.
  8. IMO just install on an unpartitioned space (the volume of your entire drive), only create a partition if you know why you want one. (There are goood reasons, but you need to know why before you start making random sized partitions and installing just wherever). If later you figure out you want a partition, then perfect time to reformat and make one, once you research the topic. If you're unsure now, then install in the unpartitioned space, make sure everything is working, then research, format, create partition, re-install.

    And really, this is becoming an XP OS-specific question, please move here; for further info.

    Closing thread.
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