Need help with nvidia 8400 gs

I know this graphics card is not all that great but i want to give it a litle boost.Information about it : it from galaxy,64 bit,512 mb,ddr2.I am using RivaTuner and i am also new to boosting performances for anything.
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  1. dnt worry man. this ASUS EN8400GS 512 card is working great. i have it & i play all new games with it. see my games pic & videos in this address:
  2. The 8400GS is not a gaming card.
  3. i dnt say that :P but i know i play more games with it... its cost effecient. but better u compire this card with best gt cards technical iformation. its only 64bit card & this is the only weakness of this card :P i also hve XFX 8800GT 512mb alpha dog edition installed in my 2nd pc. but i think 8400gs is not bad. dnt use benchmarks try to use the card :P
  4. djcoolmasterx said:
    The 8400GS is not a gaming card.

    Agreed. It's not a gaming card. Sure if you play WoW, CS, HL2 or any other "old" game you can run it at 1024*768 or 1280*1024 with mid-high detail.
  5. "Shadow703793" - why dnt u change ur mind in ! click ??
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