ESATA Drive Locked - Access Denied

Windows 7 x64:

This seems to happen frequently, pretty much whenever the drive is disconnected and then reconnected. The drive is a Fantom external 1TB hard drive, connected via ESATA. All my directories (My Documents, My Music, etc) are located on the drive. In the past I've been able to get around the problem by either changing the ownership or using the 'attrib -r' command...this time its completely locked out. In command prompt, any command I point to the drives location (Q:\) results in a "path not found".

The drive displays in My Computer but doesn't show the used/free space info. I can't open the drive, I get the "Access Denied" error. I've tried numerous unlocking programs, all fail to recognize the drive as being locked. I've used the take ownership command with no success.

Background info:
In order to get Windows to recognize my esata drive I had to download drivers for Micron JMB36X RAID/AHCI and set my on-board raid as AHCI. Also, when the drive got unplugged the drive letter changed from E to Q and I'm unable to change the drive letter. Its recognized as a local disk but does not appear in the disk manager!
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    Try to connect directly through sata. If that does not work you may have to reformat in the bios. I had the same thing happen and I reformatted in linux.
  2. Figured it's what I did:

    Uninstalled the JMicron AHCI driver, restarted, reinstalled the driver, restarted.
    The drive Q disappeared from Windows, so I restarted again, this time I unplugged the drive and plugged it back in before Windows booted. My drive magically was detected and everything was restored even the correct drive letter. Not sure what local disk Q is, its still listed in My Computer but its inaccessible. Very weird.
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