Monitor shuts off but computer stays on

Hi my monitor blanks out as soon as i log into my account on xp. I'll see about 10 seconds of it then the screen freezes and the monitor goes black. However, this doesnt happen on my other account, so I was wondering if maybe an application is causing this? I have the only difference between the two is that my default account has a theme installed on it with stylexp.
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  1. The only thing I can think of, though this is most likely not the case, is that your account that is freezing up is set to a refresh rate not supported by the monitor, though most monitors will come up with a "refresh rate no supported" message or something like that.
  2. Try to change your current video card drivers. It ha happened in mine when playing PC games, changing drivers solved that.
  3. Try pressing shift to stop startup programs from starting when loggin on. Also try pressing f8 to get to safe mode selection but select enable vga mode
  4. Can you boot into your account in safe mode? If so, you can get into msconfig and stop the programs in start up to see if you can find the one causing it. And go into services.msc and stop all non windows services that might be causing it, to find the service. Or you could just set it to a restore point before you had the problem.
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