PC P&C vs Corsair 750w PSU in the P182 case

i dont think the s75qb will correctly in the p182(i will have to remove a fan)
the 750 tx fan is at the bottom (or top?) does that make ne sense? it will blowing air into the ground,and thats only if there is a hole below the p182.
if you guys have ne other reccomendations in the 700w-750w and sub $140 pricerange plz tell me. ty
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  1. Does the p182 case bottom mount psu instead of standard top mount? If so, you're supposed to turn the psu upside down so the 120mm fan faces up. And it sucks air from inside the case, not blow.
  2. yea, the case mounts the psu
  3. Nevermind, here's a pc&p unit with standard back facing fan, it fits your budget and wattage range.
  4. yea, i was thinking about that model, but its 7.1" and i will have to remove a fan in my p182 :( (i think)
  5. You can read a bunch about the P182 case with pics at spcr:

    They conclude that a fan is not needed in the lower chamber for HDD cooling.
    You could fit one, though.
  6. I have the 180....its a good case but yes a pain for power supply's.....I would just get an antec......make sure its not the one with the units that disconnect as they aren't long enough to run throughout the case....I think the ocz units are ok to fit to....if my memory serves me right
  7. I was going to use a p182, with some very tasteful modifications, and was thinking of using the mushkin 800 watter not as good as the pc power and cooling 860 watter, but TopPower internals are still considered to be in ahigh enough tier where they still are pretty good for the price.

    jackieboy that is one angry kitty you got there, you should see randomizer's his is ever so serene... :whistle:
  8. Face the psu fan up and i wouldn't worry abot HDD cooling. I would go with Corsair 750.
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