800 vs 1066 Worth Upgrading?

I have 2x 1 gig of ddr2 800 PC6400 Ram (G.Skill) running at stock speeds I got off of newegg for $45 at the time, would it be worth selling it on ebay and getting 2x4 gig of 1066? Or should I just get 2 more gskill 1 800mghz gigs and spend the extra $70?


OS:Vista Ult 64
MOBO: Asus m3a78-t 790fx
CPU: AMD Phenom 9950 BE
RAM: G.Skill 2gb
GPU: Sapphire 4870x2
HD: 250 GB WD
Case: Antec 900
Drives: CDR-DVD 52x
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  1. 2x4gig? You won't find more than 2x2gb. Unless if you meant 4x2gb.
    But all in all, 800mhz can handle up to 400 fsb. If you have overclocked it past 400 fsb then you need a 1066 model which can handle up to 533fsb. You'd be looking at some mad overclocking if you managed that though.
  2. You can't get 2x4Gb in 1066 at this time, you can in 800. The motherboard will most likely default to 800 speeds if you put in more then two sticks of memory so to get 1066 you're going to be limited to 2x2Gb.
  3. Oops I meant 2x2gig of 1066......
  4. And is it really going to improve my performance in games and load times ect? FpS?
  5. no...the performance difference between DDR2 800 to DDR2 1067 and all the way up to DDR3 2000 was very minimal. Memory benchmarks don't translate well into real world FPS in games. Search around...I've seen lots of benchmarks that show DDR2 667 through DDR3 1800 in actual performance in ~5%
  6. Should give you a slight boost in fps in games. But as for load times that would also have to take hard drive speed and cache size into consideration so I wouldn't expect to see any improvement there.
  7. NO
    Unless your going to use 8GB of very low latency ram.
    Like Cas 3
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