ICH10R backwards RAID compatibility

Hi all,

I need to change my mobo (actually I have a P5K Deluxe) because I need the PCIe 2.0 feature for my new 4870x2 card.

My new mobo it's a P5Q-E. Before uninstall the HDs (configured as RAID 0 in the ICH9R chipset), I need to know if all my data will be lost or what do I have to configure in the new mobo (it cames with ICH10R chipset) to preserve all my data.

I think ICH10R is backwards compatible with ICH9R but I need the confirmation (and if I have to configure anything in the new mobo)

Thanks in advance
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  1. Chances are good that it will work, but I'd check with Intel to verify. In any case, you'll have to reinstall Windows (or at least do a "repair install") so it knows about the totally different hardware on the new MB.
  2. check raid2raid.com if not
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