I just repalced my motherboard, i thought this was like lego?!?

No really, it seems to be fine, was scared for a while that the drivers were not going to install.

I didn't do a windows repair installation is that a going to be a problem?

Spec is

Core 2 Due 2.4 Ghz

2gb 667 DDR2

250gb Sata

800 watt winpower psu

I now want to install my 8800 gt, which is why i replaced the motherboard, the pci-e was i think 1.0 version.

My first try and i win!


It's just like lego, with electricity!

I still need to install soundcard and graphics card, all pci slots failed on last motherboard.

Any advise for a first time builder?

Thankyou and peace...
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  1. sometimes it works just like that, but most of the time repair installation is required at least, if not even completely fresh installation. Fresh is best anyways...

    If it gets unstable, then do a repair.
  2. lmao i spoke way too soon!

    Pc crahsed went through hell and get back here lolz.

    Had to buy a new heat sink andfan because my processor was running at 80 degress c which i nunderstand is bad?

    Had to take it apart and back together couple times, reboot 100, then wait foeever to get past a emeory scan that iu thougth kept freezing because of temps

    Now my graphics is installed working though

    Sound next

    If i do a repair install do i lose my files, do i need to back them up with a flashdrive to be safe?

    Thanks and peace.
  3. Welcome to the forums!

    If you were getting 80º the heatsink was probably not seated correctly.
    If you do a repair install, you will not lose your files.
    Only Windows is affected.
    If you changed chipset, you should do a fresh install. Backup your files before you do this.
  4. Thanks for the advise.

    Yes the heatsink was not seated correctly, i bgroke one of the four pins, and i think i didn't get another one of the down properly looking back, but i wanted to get rid of that stock unity anyway, the one i got was 20 pounds and it looks really cool, keeping me at around 20 degress is that good bad?

    I have anew priblem now, when ever i plug in the sound card, my gt wont boot up the screen on start up...

    Any ideas why that may be?

    Thanks and peace!
  5. Everything working now, thanks guys.

    There's one strange thing though, why in devise manager under other devices does it always show unknown pci device, when all my devices are accounted for under other sections?!

    Thanks again,

  6. Was there a chipset driver disk that came with the motherboard?

    I suspect you need to install those.
  7. Done that, i had the same problem with the other motherboard, which i had to replace in any case because the pci-e slot was incompatible.

    I guess that it does not matter. all is working.

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