680i or 750i?difference?

i know that the 750i is supposed to be better, but will it also let me overclock the cpu and everything alot more? does the fact that it uses 2 pci e 2.0 x16 not just pci e x16 slots provide alot more performance from the graphics card(s)?
is it really worth it to get it instead of an xfx 680i motherboard?
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  1. 680i chipset is a disaster, and dated. Go with the EVGA FTW 750i unless you want to deal with memory issues out the ass with that old 680i. Not to mention shoddy overclocking results.

    Also, most of the 750i boards have full 16x/16x speed. That being said there literally is no reason to buy a 680i.
  2. Either way they are both JUNK.
  3. The 750i is worth the extra money.
  4. roadrunner197069 said:
    Either way they are both JUNK.

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