Pendrive going mad

My pendrive(8 Gb) believes to be a hard disk! It is represented as a cd drive with a strange icon on it (a red circle with a white line in the middle of it), I cannot open it, I cannot format it, basically I cannot do anything since it constantly asks me to insert a disk...
Please can you help me? :??:
Thank you very much
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  1. Brand and model of drive?
  2. It appears as : EH255ON NXW266J SCSI Cd Rom Device
    I tried to uninstall every usb attached to the pc, removed the drive, went to control panel and did almost anything even there, but the problem is still there... help? please
  3. Quote:

    Thank you very much... but it didn't work, I had already try the change of letter so I went straight to the register/mounted device, disinstalled it, then restarted the pc, but the problem was still there facing me... and worst of all I have a usb modem with a slot for a microcard, and it is now presenting the same problem, I don't know what to think, I tried everything, I cleaned and restarted the pc at least hundreds of time but nothing... I will be waiting for more advice, thank you again
  4. I don't know whether it can be useful but I found out that the pendrive is seen as a "not mounted removable drive"... I am now wondering: do I have to mount it (how?), will then the problem be fixed?
  5. Problem solved! I will try to explain the procedure, hoping it will be useful also for others:
    1st. with: checkudisk.exe you have to find the vid and pid numbers specific to your pendrive
    2nd: go to: and, according to the vendor of the pendrive and the vid and pid numbers discovered above, you will see the program specific to your problem

    Hope it will be useful also for you :hello:
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