What should I upgrade? CPU/Mobo or just CPU? Please Read.

My current system is as follows: Am2 Athlon 4200 X2 @ 2.2 Ghz, 2 GB XMS 2 Corsair Ram @800 Mhz, Nvidia Geforce XFX 9800 GTX, M2n4 SLI Motherboard, Onboard Realtek Audio, if I'm missing anything let me know.

What should I upgrade? I don't feel like I'm getting the best performance, I feel that my CPU is bottlenecking my graphics card a good amount and could simply use a boost increase. My questions are, should I upgrade? Should I get the best Am2 6400+ Dual core @ 3.2 ghz or should I skip it and get a new Mobo/Cpu combo? My Mobo isn't an OCing mobo either or I would have oced it. Should I get intel or Am2+/Phenom or what? Input would be greatly appreciated. I don't do anything but play games and myspace, download music, watch movies. What processor would make my GFX card not bottleneck for a budget gamer's wallet? Anything $300 and below is all right. I don't have that much money, but enough to buy some adequate upgrades if need be.
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  1. Sorry, forgot to specify what kind of games I play. I play all the latest games. Example: Bioshock, Call of duty 4, (COD WAW when it comes out),Crysis.. You get it.. The latest games are the ones I'm interested in the most. Thanks!
  2. If I were you I think I'd just upgrade the CPU, That system should last you a while longer after that.
  3. Your motherboard is fine. I would just get a faster processor.
  4. Here is your CPU support list.


    and here are some prices.
    You could get a Athlon 64 X2 6400+ or a 6000 for pretty cheap.
    If you want to spend more money right now some of the Phenoms are pretty inexpensive for a budget quad core build but you would need a new motherboard.A great motherboard for the Phenoms is the 790GX boards and even though these are designed for ATI graphics cards you could use your 1 Nvidia card in it.This would run you about $300 for both a Phenom and a 790GX board upgrade.
    Price wise you would be better off just sticking with what you have and upgrade your CPU right now.In the games that you mentioned getting a Phenom would show no improvement (You would get better performance from a faster dual core) as these titles are not quad optimized as far as I know.However you would be able to run a virus scan and have a better Windows experience overall.So the Athlon X2 6400+ or the 6000+ for now would be your best bet.
  5. Egg Combo Deals ....

    Phenom 9850BE & Foxconn 790GX: $274

    E8400 & Asus P5Q: $275

    But, really as noted, your best bang for the buck would be an X2 5600+, X2 5800+ or X2 6000+ for $80 to $93. Fairly simple OC to 3.2+GHz. And save up for an Asus M3A79-T Deluxe 790FX :D
  6. I'm saying, what would compliment my 9800 GTX best and make it so I have NO slow downs at all. I'll wait for a few more posts, so far you're all just pretty much saying get a new processor. So I'm leaning towards that so far. Thanks for the posts so far.
  7. I just want a processor that will not bottleneck my graphics card. I never plan to SLI, but my am2 4200 doesn't cut it. =(
  8. Just grab anything over a 5600+. Should be plenty.
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