Core i5-750 Lynnfield LGA1156 at 4.0GHz

From a previous post, here are some pics of benchmarks at 3.4GHz. Please ignore cpu-z as it's showing a x21 multiplier instead of x20. (3.8 and 4.0GHz further down).

The set up is as follows:

i5-750 2.55GHz 8MB L3
Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2
4 x 2GB Corsair XMS3 1600C8
SuperTalent UltraDrive ME Series 64GB 2.5" MLC SSD
Gigabyte ODIN 800W PSU
Windows XP SP3 32-bit

PC Mark 05 14,600

3D Mark 06 20,234

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  1. Nice!!! Runs at nice voltages and seems like it is a nice chip.

    What cooler are you using and what temps do you get @ load(or were those load temps? :o )

    Thanks for sharing! :)
  2. Stock cooler for now, until temps get out of control. Yes, the screen shots show load temps, 56-57deg C during PC Mark and 59-61deg C during 3D Mark.
  3. The x21 multiplier in cpu-z must be the Turbo Boost setting being read. It's at x21. It helps if I read the manual first...

    It seems the heat genie has popped out of the bottle at 175MHzx20=3.5GHz. Temps have risen to 65-66deg C, up from 59-61deg C at 3.4GHz. Also, benchmarks have dropped down 100-300 points for overall scores.

    Looks like it's time for an after market cooler. I'll grab one from the pile and install it later today.
  4. That helped a bit, here's some pics at 3.8GHz

  5. Quetion is the i5 not going to have HT?
  6. I think that core i5 doesn't have HT but there are socket 1156 based core i7's that support HT.
  7. ^ True, But I can't see why anybody would buy the 1156socket motherboards for an i7.. It's dual channel and seriously, the i9's are going to use the 1366 socket.

    The only reason someone would go with the i5's is if they are on a budget, It's kinda like the Phenom II dual cores, Much faster than the Athlon Dual cores.
  8. Here it is at 4GHz running Prime95 for 20 minutes:

    3D Mark 06 and PC Mark 05 indicated successful runs, but failed to get a result from the site.

    Crysis results at 4GHZ up 50% compared to stock speed of 2.66GHz.

    DX9 1400x960 Medium
    AA=No AA, Last Average FPS: 99.63 up 38% from 72.43
    AA=2x, Last Average FPS: 75.73 up 17% from 64.75
    AA=4x, Last Average FPS: 68.66 up 11% from 61.63
    AA=8x, Last Average FPS: 65.49 up 8% from 59.88
    AA=8xQ, Last Average FPS: 55.19 up 7% from 51.69
    AA=16x, Last Average FPS: 63.43 up 8% from 58.71
    AA=16xQ, Last Average FPS: 51.33 up 7% from 47.95

    DX9 1400x960 High
    AA=No AA, Last Average FPS: 64.94 up 18% from 54.90
    AA=2x, Last Average FPS: 59.23 up 13% from 52.23
    AA=4x, Last Average FPS: 53.95 up 9% from 49.43
    AA=8x, Last Average FPS: 51.75 up 8% from 47.96
    AA=8xQ, Last Average FPS: 44.22 up 6% from 41.87
    AA=16x, Last Average FPS: 50.04 up 7% from 46.91
    AA=16xQ, Last Average FPS: 41.47 up 6% from 39.22

    I'm done. See ya.
  9. That is very impressive. Do you know what are the recommended max temps?
    Those kinda scare me tbh but I not used to intel chips

    How did you work with voltages, thats what I find the most tricky part.
  10. is that stock cooler????

    ive had mine to 4,2ghz on stock.

    its got me 29XXX 3d05 marks @ 4ghz

    superpi 1m 9.906 @ 4.2

    pc userbench 2009 = 70.4 @ 4ghz

    but my temps are too high for much over prime stable at 3.6 or so. im doing more prime testing as we speak
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