so...ive decided on BFG 260 which mobo?

i have been doing my research for awhile now..i was headstrong on an asus max II and a 4870 1GB then i saw the whole 8x 8x thing got a little weary and looked into the asus rampage...and now im thinking if im spending 300 on the video card i might as well get the nvidia 216 core =270 basically...but i will not be able to sli so should i go with a 780i mobo so i can down the road or just stick to the xfire enabled boards cause they are good...and only have one nvidia..?
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  1. What size monitor / resolution do you play at?

    What CPU do you have?
  2. well this is a build im working on...setting up...

    im not sure about either an E8500 duo or a Q9550 quad...i know the i7 chips are gonna launch in less than a should i wait on this build for prices to drop or something..who knows ?

    and the monitor will probably be a 22"...maybe...a 24" since i have been playing my ps3 and 360 on a new 40" i may want to just go big for my upcoming pc...will 24" native reso really hurt my frames?
  3. A normal 22" is 1680x1050 = 1.76 million pixels.

    A good 24" is 1900x1200 = 2.28 million pixels (cheap 24" are 1080p - 1920x1080 = 2.1 million pixels)

    Yes, you will get slightly less frames on the 24" but that's where the 1gb version of the 4870 will show you why it's $100-110 more than the 512mb version.

    BUT, if you want to save $250+, the 512mb 4870 with a 22" screen is still I NICE setup, especially if you're currently at 1024x768 / 1280x1024 with an 8600gt class card. But if I had the money, I would for the 1gb model and a 24" screen.

    The i7 chips won't drop in price for a long time. They'll have to clear out the current inventory and ramp up production of the new parts which will take six months minimum.

    I would get the Q9550 if you you don't upgrade that often. Also, Microcenter had the Q9450 (12mb cache) for $250 this last week if you're lucky enough to have one near you.
    Nice, cheap P45 mobo (though you may want SLi or CrossFire with a 24" monitor for an easy upgrade as card prices fall):
  4. The cheapest BFG Maxcore GTX260 is $300 @ 590mhz core, you can get the Zotac one for the same price and its @ 650mhz core. The cheapest 1GB 4870 is $290.

    Both cards are about even, but the 4870 wins at higher resolutions due to more memory and GDDR5. The 512mb MB version will do fine @ 22"/1680x1050, same for the GTX 260. However if you do go to 24", I recomend the 1gb 4870. Its really a matter of taste.

    As far as the actual question goes, check out the EVGA 750i FTW board.
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