Blank Screen: 8800gt problem or motherboard?

I recently built a new system using the Zotac 8800gt and PSU that I had in my old one. My new system is:

Intell e8400 (3.0ghz dual core)
4gb Patriot Ram
320gb hard drive
Asus P5N-D nVidia 750i motherboard
Zotac 8800gt 512mb
Raidmax 500w PSU
Windows Vista x64
Samsung T220 22" LCD monitor

Everything booted up just fine, I updated my chipsets and BIOS right away. However, once I installed my 8800gt drivers and restarted, my computer progressed normally through everything until it got to the screen where the little bar in the middle fills up a few times. After this screen, my display goes black and I receive no start up sounds. I rebooted in safe mode and I'm able to see my 8800gt in the device manager.

I think it may be a problem with my motherboard since the PSU and video card worked flawlessly in my old system. Both parts are less than 3 months old. I am able to get my display to work until I install drivers for my video card. I've tested this on 2 different monitors, 1 digital and 1 analog so I'm confident it isn't my monitor.

Additionally, I have installed all of the windows updates up to this point and I do have Service Pack 1.

Does anybody have a clue what the problem is? I've tried everything I can think of and I'm still coming up blank. Any help would be amazing.
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  1. Likely driver problem. Boot into safe mode, uninstall existing driver and install latest compatible driver.
  2. I have the same card, and I know what your problem is. your display is switching to the tv output as main. I contacted Nvidia about this problem. I had bought my card in the US and brought it with me to Spain and was about to go through the hassle of having to send it for repair from here because I thought the card was faulty, had an RMA and everything ready to send, until I thought about it over and over and then plugged in my TV and VIOLA there was my desktop. I know this thread is VERY old but I'm sure this might happen to more people so I thought that I'd at least leave this note here just in case in can help someone with the same problem.
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