Cheap Gaming Rig at $700, aiming for $600

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz LGA 775 Quad-Core
RAM: Mushkin 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) 5-5-5-12 1.8V
GPU: SAPPHIRE 100243L Radeon HD 4870 512MB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16
FAN: ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler

New Egg Part List:

My Budget is very very low, like $600, but I'll pay more if I have too.

I might be able to get some parts in other places for cheaper.

I definately want a Quad, GPU under or close to $280, and I'm planning on overclocking.

Parts I have already: Case (need to be replaced), Hard drive (need to be replaced), Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and DVD Drive

- Still a little too expensive
- Still need a hard drive and a case honestly

Recommendations Needed:
- Need Cheaper, same Quality P45 mobo
- Cheaper Ram, low settings and voltage for overclocking
- Want cheaper PSU and perferably one that comes with a case so I can knock 2 birds out with 1 stone.

- Is 650W needed, can I go lower? What is the lowest number of Watts I should get?
- Should I try to get better ram, 1000/1066/1200, will it make a difference?

Rig Purposes:
1. Gaming
2. Gaming
3. Gaming
4. Some server applications, like streaming music across the web
5. Photoshop (no 3d work)
6. Web Programmer and multitask like non other

Please tell me your thoughts, thanks a lot!
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  1. (1) Increase your budget. Or
    (2) Think about the less expensive dual core CPUs and HD 4850 video card. A single 4850 setup only needs a 450W PSU.
    Asking for cheaper but same quality options isnt very realistic.
  2. You have put together a great rig... well worth the extra $100. Stick to the Q6600.
    What resolution is your monitor... you might be ok with the 4850?
  3. I agree that dropping back to a 4850 makes sense. You can get by with a quality 500W-600W PSU. Apevia is listed on tier-5 ("Do not buy") of the admittedly dated list at, and Jonnyguru melted a couple of them a while back, although I had a 500W Turbolink that is still running an AMD s939 system.
    Right now there are some decent prices on some 600W OCZ models.
    DDR2-800 RAM should be fine. I like Mushkin because it will run at the JEDEC standard of 1.8v.
    What case do you have now? Is it usable until you save more money, or is the airflow and/or space in it just so bad you need to replace it right away? I like the low-end CoolerMaster cases because they have decent airflow and plenty of room. I've often had to re-tap the mobo standoff holes, but that's no biggie.
    Otherwise, I like the list WR2 has prepared, although if you want the quad it will obviously be higher. His list includes the case and hard drive in that price.
  4. ps3
  5. You could get this Case/PSU Combo - It's high quality and its the cheapest I can find at the moment. Sometimes it will sell for less on sale.
  6. E7200 great choice,but the E2180 could save you $50. Upgrade to quad later.

    4850 save $100.
  7. Read the OP. A PS3 will not do #5 or #6, and probably not #4.

    So, in this case right here, and two.
  8. zenmaster said:
    You could get this Case/PSU Combo - It's high quality and its the cheapest I can find at the moment. Sometimes it will sell for less on sale.

    With the Sonata III I would strongly suggest the 4870 which vents heat out the back of the case. The Sonata III is not designed with super ventilation and the 4850 will heat it up like an oven.

    Comes with a great little PSU. I have one myself.
  9. Thanks all for the replies! I think I do want to swtich to that PSU/Case combo, its almost the same price as the PSU i choose.

    If I overclock my computer with a 4870 or a 4850 with the Quad can I still have a 500 Watt? or 550 Watt? How many Watts do I need to be safe?

    Seems like everyone is saying go with the 4850, I don't plan on upgrading for 4-5 years, is that still a good choose the 4850? Is he 4870 not that much better?

    The reason I was insisting on the P45 is because I was planning on overclocking and getting a 4870 or 4850. I read that the 4870 and 4850 really take advantage of the PCI-E 2.0, also that P43 doesn't overclock well.... so that only leaves the P45.
  10. Where did you hear that P43 will not OC well? It's essentially the the same as the P45 with a single PCI-e slot. Read some of those NewEgg customer reviews: "Other Thoughts: I'd recommend it over clocked my E7200 to 3.2Ghz stable w/o any voltage adjustments. Have managed to boot into windows at 3.8Ghz with 15% vcore adjustment, but not 100% stable probably due to lack of enough cooling a quality after market cooler could probably fix that in the future though, but no need for that right now."

    The Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU in that case/combo should be plenty for both a CPU and GPU overclock.
    (Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 3Ghz CPU & X38 motherboard, 2GB RAM)

    Now that the price of the 4850 has slipped to around ~$160 after rebate is an even better value (chart was based on $199)
    Check the whole 4870 review and check the 4850 performance. 4870 is ~20-25% better at +70% the price.,2845,2321634,00.asp

    It's not reasonable to expect the 4850 or 4870 to provide a good gaming experience for 4-5 years. You'll need a GPU upgrade in about two years. With an overclock the CPU should probably be OK over that lifespan.

    What is your idea of "multi-tasking" that you think you need a quad core CPU? What is your current rig?
    On the other hand, if you're able to stretch your budget another $230, I'd say get the Q6600 & 4870.
    If you can stretch the budget $100 I'd say get the 4870 over the Q6600.
  11. Multi Tasking meant to me having multiple applications open. I might have a MMO open, as well as an IDE, photoshop, web browser, instant messenger, and some servers running the the background.

    I was thinking about Losing the 4870, upgrading the mobo to a crossfire, getting a 4850 and then whenever i may need to in the future, just add on another card. Getting a ok PSU now, then if i ever need to get a new card and crossfire, also getting a new PSU.

    I'm at $715, with insurance it adds up to almost $800 now... Maybe I just wont get insurance =( My wife says all I need to do is get it undr $700 and I can buy it..

    How do you guys feel about my PSU and the Hard drive? I couldn't find much else with good quality that was cheaper, im already breaking the bank.

    Is there a cheaper case I can get that will keep things just as cool?
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