One Last Final Check (open for suggestions)

Ok I'm about to order all my parts for my new computer. I was wondering if you guys could look over it one more time before i do. Secondly if you see any issues or see and places that could use improvement just say so. Thanks guys



Graphics Card


Hard Drive


Lastly Power Supply

Ohh and im going to run window vista ultimate 64 bit on it.
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  1. can someone plz just look at this and reply
  2. It is easier to check out lists like this if people don't have to click on each link to view the parts.
    I finally did, and it looks mostly good, but you can get newer quicker hard drives for little more (e.g. the 7200.11 family), and you may want to select a Retail optical drive in order to get the software with it. You'll need a decoder in order to watch movies on it. That's typically a $30 download if you buy it separately, but should be included in a Retail version for maybe $5-$7 more.
  3. +1 for 7200.11 HDD. As for the retail vs OEM, the Retail usually comes with Nero and extra cables. The OEM doesn't come with any extras. Imo, just get the retail. Also you CAN find open source/free software if you decide to go OEM.

    Looks good! All are good quality parts. Good luck with the build. Is this your first build?

    One more thing. I highly recommend you get DDR2 800 RAM. The DDR2 1066 RAM are known to have compatibility issues.
  4. what case you buying?
  5. ^Good point. OP should make sure that the case is big enough.
  6. can anyone find me a retail version of a DVD/ CD reader and writer thats around 30 dollars
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