How many GB do you recommend for gaming?

I have a 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda, but I'm not sure if my motherboard(MSi 790FX-GD70) has a BIOS(AMI) that supports 1TB. I plan on saving 100GB or more for movies and music(I'm going to start ripping my CDs and encoding them in FLAC). Considering I don't own a game shop, I probably don't need more than 500GB if it's for that, right?
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    Well, HDD size isn't really something that you can recommend. How much storage space do you truly think you will need? I have two 80GB Intel SSD's in RAID 0, two WD 320's for my media (mostly videos), and two laptop drives, one 150GB and one 100GB that I use for backups of my main files, like documents and music, and these STILL aren't enough for me. I'm almost out of space on most of the drives.

    Yes, all BIOSes support 1, 1.5, and 2TB drives. Larger than two terabytes requires GPT capability, but you don't have to worry about that just yet.

    How many CDs do you have that you plan on ripping to FLAC? Just remember that a single CD will take up around 650-700MB when ripped in FLAC. If you don't have high quality speakers, then I would suggest just ripping them to MP3 using Audiograbber with the Lame DLL file. This is what my boss does, and he is a HUGE audiophile. But high quality speakers are almost a must have, otherwise you probably won't be able to tell the difference between HQ MP3 and FLAC. (Feel free to comment on this if you have more experience with this kind of thing than I do :) )

    How many games do you have? How many games do you plan on playing? What are the HDD requirements for these games?
  2. I only ripped one CD so far(I'm a Taylor Swift fan and ripped Fearless-Platinum Edition). I would say on average, each game would require about 6GB of HDD space. I have 12 stored on an external hard drive(500GB Toshiba Liquid Blue). I plan to have at least those 12 games plus about 3-5 more games added per year. I don't buy a lot of games, but there's always the possiblility that I will buy more. It depends on when what is released. But yeah, at least 12. I store things even if I don't use them because I like saving them for later. Most of my games on the external hard drive require about 3GB or less though. They're old games like Silent Hill 3, Halo: Combat Evolved, Call of Duty. I have a copy of The Sims 3 as well, which requres about 5GB.
  3. If all BIOSes for motherboards made in 2008 or later support my 1.5TB HDD, then I should be good. I don't have much to worry about regarding storage space. I'm going to get Ubuntu 9.10 and dual boot it with Windows 7 after. Thanks!
  4. Get what you think you'll need for a few years. By then 2TB will be $50 probably, so just get another drive. To me, storage space is not something you try to plan out 5 years.
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