Phenom 9600 temp issues.

Ok, my cpu temp on everest reads as 70C sometimes like 68-73 in that area. My cores read 42-44C. This is idle as well. Im not sure if these temps are right or not. Ive made sure the cpu is seated well and everything. My previous cpu, 4200+ ran at 40C so i dont think 70 is right.
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  1. If that is the old free version of Everest, i would not expect it to read Phenom accurately. Try latest Speedfan. If cores at 40C, no way CPU at 70C.


    i read that temp 1 is case, so ill get the new case i planned on getting.
  3. ""HWMonitor is a hardware monitoring program that reads PC systems main health sensors : voltages, temperatures, fans speed""

    Works great with my Phenom 9600BE & MSI 790FX. 2.7GHz at load = 42-44c in an Enlight case with side vent and bunches of fans (stock cooler & AS5)
  4. What PSU? Your 12V is a bit low! :ouch: Use a meter to check volts, some motherboard sensors are a bit inaccurate. Is that the correct Vcc? Does POST identify the CPU correctly? If not, check for a BIOS upgrade.

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