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Alright, I'm currently trying to decide if I should save up the $400 dollars needed to purchase a PS3 or if I should instead buy a Blu-ray drive instead. I know that the PS3 can also play games, but I'm not really interested in them, so this is for pure video playback.

Some other things to keep in mind. My PC is currently setup as an HTPC, so it's already hooked up to my HDTV as my main display. I'm also using the Creative Inspire 7.1 audio system, which only has PC style analog outputs.

Would there be a big difference of video quality between the two? Currently, I'm using the HD 3850 as my video card, hooked up with HDMI.
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  1. The major advantage of the PS3 would be higher quality uncompressed audio over the HDMI connection (optical out will downconvert to compressed 5.1 just like your Creative). Otherwsie they're equal for the task, maybe a little more flexability in a PC solution .
  2. keep the pc
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