Q9550 Temperature Problem Stock

I just got myself a Q9550 for my ASUS P5kc motherboard and I am getting high temps
Using Real Temp
Idle it's about 50-60
Load is 60-74(I stop before it goes any higher)

Has anyone else had this problem?
I've reset 5 times, with 3 different thermal pastes

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  1. Three questions:

    Can you post a CPU-Z screen?
    What cooler are you using?
    What are the ambient temps?
  2. It has to be the HSF installation, especially if its the stock one. Or if your using a 3rd party with the 4 push pin style.

    One or perhaps 2 of those 4 pins are not on securely.

    If you want to try to reinstall, try these steps:

    1.) Turn the black knobs toward the arrows on them, pull up to uninstall the HSF.

    2.) When the HSF is off, clean off all thermal grease from the CPU and the bottom of the HSF. Rubbing alcohol (90%) is recommended, with lint free cloth.

    3.) Turn all 4 black knobs the opposite of the arrow.

    4.) Reapply the thermal grease according to its instructions.

    5.) When setting the HSF on, be sure the black pins are up, and the handles are turned opposite of the arrows. Place it on, making sure the white clamps pass through the holes.

    6.) If you remember which pin gave you the most problems, push that one down first, applying a fair amount of pressure on the center fan, ensuring your keeping the HSF flush with the CPU, while pushing the pins in.

    7.) Its usually best to verify that the HSF is on properly by looking at the back of the MB, but some people just don't wanna go through the hassle of taking everything out. But it should look like:

    If all else fails, then I'd recommend you get yourself a 3rd part HSF.
  3. Thanks for the responses

    Here my CPU-Z on load

    It's the stock cooler, and I'm not sure what the case temp is , but the is in a well ventilated room and has 2 case fans in it

    I'll take out the MB and try to readjust the heat sink
  4. I would check a few things first. Like mentioned, make sure that if you have a push-pin setup that they are all secure. Also, make sure you didn't apply too much thermal paste or too little. Too much can act as an insulator instead of a conductor. Make sure you also have a good path of air flow throughout your tower...a fan on the front for intake and one on the back for out.

    I would also suggest a new heatsink and fan. The stock one is ok, but much better can be done. I personally have the Zalman 9700 and absolutely love it. With that, my 9550 is at 29, 29, 31, 30 respectively.
  5. Use a roll of duct tape underneath the motherboard while you push on the pins.
    Use these instructions for applying thermal paste. A line of thermal paste.

  6. ^that would be more specific perhaps to AS5.

    I didn't do that with MX-2, so I'm just pointing out that it depends on what you use, and is based on preference perhaps.

    To me, just a thin layer across the entire IHS should be quite sufficient...
  7. I just returned it and got a new one and it runs great, highest was 65 on prime95

    Looks like it was faulty
  8. There have been cases where the IHS isn't attached to the cores very well thus resulting in high heat. Could have been what happened to you.
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