Limited number of SATA conectors on my PSU

Hi folks,
I am currently using the ABIT IP35 Pro motherboard which offers 6 SATA connections (one is used by the Blu-Ray/DVD SATA drive and 5 from the SATA HDDs).

My PC case is capable of storing at least 10 HDDs.

But my POWER SUPPLY only have 6 SATA power plug connectors. My PSU can handle all 10 HDDs and my system, it's using 800W. But I won't be able to plug more than 6 drives.

Is there a way to expand the limited number of connectors? I mean, using some kind of adapter which will give me more SATA connectors on the POWER SUPPLY?
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  1. Your local Fry's electronics or similar electronics store carrys 4 pin to SATA power adapters like this.
  2. I think I already saw that connector. Does that means if your PSU is using 6 SATA power connectors, you might be able to plug 6 additional drives using those adapters?

    I have one more question! My PSU was defective and I returned to the manufacturer. But 2 of 4 plug connectors were not found here, and I only returned two of them.

    Do you have any idea where I can find those plug connectors from the photo below?

  3. Not quite sure what you are asking.
    Your motherboard has 6 SATA ports but your case can hold 10 drives.
    Are you asking how to get the extra drives connected to the motherboard or powered?

    If you already have the drives connected to a SATA controller card and just need to power them, the adaptor badge linked is all you need. It will allow you to adapt a 4 pin MOLEX connector to a SATA power connector.

    If you are trying to get the extra drives plugged into your motherboard, you will need both power adaptors and an add on SATA Controller Card.
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