New Build, but having problems

Hi, I was wondering you guys could help me with my problem.

I recently bought new parts at Fry's:
MSI P7N SLi Motherboard
BFG 9800 GTX
2GB (2 x 1GB) Patriot DDR2 PC-6400 Memory

I did not buy a new HDD because I already had one.

When I booted the computer for the first time, I saw a brief screen on my monitor saying something about Dual Channel. That's it, after that, no more monitor screen shows. I tested my monitor on another computer and it works.

I know that it might be my old video drivers from my last card (7800 GS), but if I need to uninstall the driver, I would have to take apart my build and rebuild my old build to even see the monitor. I can't go into the BIOS because I can't see anything on my monitor plus my motherboard is new, so I would have to install the drivers for that too.

Right now, I have checked everything. CPU, RAM, HDD, Disk Driver, VGA. Everything is working, or at least running.

Also, there is no beep in the beginning. And I would like to rule out the possibility of a hardware error as much as possible.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advanced,
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  1. You moved your hard drive from the old machine into the new one? That almost never works. Chipset and other drivers will all be different. A fresh install is the best way to go. Buy another hard drive to be your primary, and put the old one in as a second drive, at least until you've copied data you need off of it.
  2. You will probably have to do a repair install of windows because(presumably) the motherboard changed.

    First, though, see if you can get into the bios. F2 or delete key or whatever your mobo requires.
    Try to run memtest86+ to verify that the ram and basic functions work.
  3. I know my drivers are different, so I need a fresh install. However, nothing shows up on the monitor, how can I see what's going on? I tried putting the Windows XP Disk in, but that doesn't work. My motherboard doesn't have onboard video.
  4. Also, I would like to add/emphasize that there are no beeps when the system boots up. I have checked all the connections many times and I'm certain that they're not the problem. Could it be a defective motherboard?
  5. The next step is to take everything out of the case.
    Assemble one stick of ram, your vga card, and PSU on something like a piece of cardboard. See if you can get into the bios with an absolute minimum of parts.
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