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video card help plz

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
August 15, 2008 9:30:19 PM

well i just joined today to get some advice on my card. so i want to say hello as this is my first post. my video card is an x1950 pro 256 mb and well first i already replaced the card one time already. so when i got my new x1950 again i thought everything was gonna be fine it worked for a while , but now i have some issues with it the first thing is when im just searching the internet nothing happens everything is fine. when i play a pc game i after like 15min my screen starts flickering not real fast more like flash 1234 flash and so on and every time there is a flash i hear a beep come from my computer so its more like flash beep 1234 flash beep and so on so taking a guess i believe its a heating problem which brings me to my other question so i checked my fan on my card. an its wasn't turning so i dusted out my how comp an fan to and turned it back on still didn't turn but so i put a fan there to do some research on the internet to see if anyone had the same problem couldn't find anything so i check my fan again and it was spinning so i was like well good, problem solved then i checked it again later and it stopped once again so i have no idea what is going on with the fan but if anyone could answer these questions thax tho it could just mean i need to get a new video card but i want to see if i could fix this first because i don't want to spend money anyways thax

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August 15, 2008 10:00:40 PM

Wow you really need to add some punctuation to what you type. A few periods would help but I think I get the idea. How long did you have the first x1950 before it had to be replaced? Did the fan stop working on that one too or was it another problem? Dust can kill any fan so you might want to clean it regularly if your case accumulates dust. Screen flashing or artifacting can be caused by a hot videocard. The beep you describe might be the PC speaker making a beep. This can be caused when the CPU usage reaches 100% or locks up. Sometimes pressing one key too long can cause this. Is the CPU fan working OK or does it stop occasionally. I don't know how old your PC is or what kind of processor you have but you need to monitor the CPU temps to see if it is overheating. I recommend downloading a program named core temp. You will need to research your processor to see what its max temp is. Start core temp and then play a game. Core temp constantly records the processor temp and saves the info in a log file. Stop testing once you experience the same problem. Close core temp and then examine the log. You can find the log in the same location as the program. I hope this helps. Provide more info I might be able to help more. Good luck.
August 15, 2008 10:20:17 PM

The first thing you need to do when your fans stop spinning randomly like that is to airdust your computer case and components real good and then take the sticker or whatever covering off the middle of the fan to expose the bearings and spary some machine oil or WD-40 in there. It could just be a lubrication/friction issue due to dust build-up. Try it out and see what it does for you. Otherwise, you'll just need to replace the fan with another.
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August 15, 2008 10:23:14 PM

If your fan is turning on and off on your card, it has probably been clogged or damaged by the dust. I wouldn't trust it anymore. I've seen cards burn up because of this.

Get an aftermarket cooler immediately to replace the one you've got there. Continued use of your card in that state can kill it.
August 16, 2008 12:16:29 AM

I have the same card. GOOOD card; will play ANY game at decent resolutions. I use it at 1400x900 and it plays Crysis VERY decent. First off, install ATI tool to check your temps, and to jack up the fan speed before gaming. 60-70% is usually enough to keep it within decent temps but see for yourself. Also, make sure your powersupply is sufficient, as you didn't list your specs at all.
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September 17, 2008 5:53:17 AM

Could be dust, or it's not getting enough power. What is your Power Supply?