How will a phenom II X4 945 (95w) OC?

How will a phenom II X4 945 (95w) OC? Just wondering,
Compared maybe to an 965,955 and a X3 720.

I was thinking about getting the x3 720 since my am2+ mobo is only a 95w motherboard, but then the 945 95w version came out, and with it's higher clock rate and 4 cores, it seams like the best bet.

I know it doesn't have an unlocked multi, but I don't even use that with my black editon amd, so I can OC and keep CnQ enabled.
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  1. I read that article they use a 710 not a 945 or a 720.
  2. Thought that article would give you a good idea what the chips are capable without having an unlocked multiplier and being able to put high-end voltage to the CPU. Looks to me like @3400 is quite attainable, compared to an unlocked multiplier and being able to put high voltage to the CPU that will get you above the @3.6 mark.
  3. well they got the 2.6 x3 to 3.7, which is pretty good. and I know 720's go to around 3.8. So I'm assuming the 945 will go to around 3.8ghz also, this is talking into account a high end mobo, and good cooling.

    and I think you can push a lgood amount of voltage into the locked CPU's, via the MOBO's CPU voltage contoller
  4. @1100 OC on an AMD CPU is way better then most. I'd really be stoked if I could do that with this 940.

    TK, I looked at the XFX compatibilty chart and the 95w 945 is not on there yet. You may want to contact them before you go that route. I've heard that XFX has some of the better costumer service in the PC industry.
  5. ^yeah maybe thats being a little optimistic

    I asked them about the 720, when that chart wasn't working for some reason, and they said, there is a bios update for the 750a and phenom II's and as long as it is 95w or lower it will work, I might check again or look for another BIOS update.

    As for their customer service I think it's good, great warranty on graphics cards, (haven't turned me down yet, and one out of the two times it was my fault), and they always answer my questions within a reasonable amount of time.

    Others claim they are very slow on the RMA process, have slow customer service and don't help.
    So I've heard both sides and luckily I'm on the good one.
  6. The problem with you going the 720 route is you may only see marginal gains over your 5000. You'll be gaining an extra core, some L3 cache, and maybe a little better OC.
    If you can get a confirmation on MoBo being able to use the 945, that would be the way I personally would go. 2 more cores and AM3 means you will be able to up-date the MoBo a little farther down the road.
  7. Yeah, thats exactly what I was thinking, plus I get 200 extra mhz.

    i was asking about the 720 before the 95w version of the 945 came out.

    I would be able to upgrade to an AM3 mobo either way though, since they are both AM3.
  8. I recently upgraded from my Athlon X2 5600 2.9 Ghz to a Phenom II X4 945 95W. My giga-byte motherboard is good for 140W, however the price for my 945 was right. The maximum temperature for this chip is 71'C (most phenoms AMD's are rated for just a few degrees over 60). The stock heatsink which came with my processor is very small and all aluminum (much smaller yet a little heavier with different fin design than my old heatsink). So I figured, what the heck! It doesn't take much to cool this thing. So I bought a new heatsink from a Athlon 6000+. These are fairly heavy and come stock with four heat pipes, copper base, and larger footprint. I am now running a cool and rock stable 3.35 ghz at 3.325 volts (max core temps I've seen runnning prime95 are 50'C). Bottom line, I'm loving it!
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