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Is it possible to move a whole 16x1TB RAID-5 disk array to another server?
In both servers i have a 3ware RAID controller but one is the 9550SX-16M and in the other
i have a 9650SE-16M RAID controller.

What i want to do is move 16x1TB harddisks on my first Debian Etch 4.0 server (with the 9650SE)
to another Debian Etch 4.0 server (with the 9550SX).

Problem is that i need the Debian Etch 4.0 server with the 9650SE and the 16x 1TB RAID-5 array and install it with 16x new 2TB harddisks and create a new RAID-5 array. And when that server is installed i need to copy the old data from the 16x 1TB to this new 16x 2TB server.

I only have 1 extra server with 16bays and do not have the capacity to backup the 16TB of data to some external medium, so i need to somehow find a way to move the 16x 1TB to the extra server and install a new 16x 2TB RAID-5 array on the other server and then copy the old data to that new server.

I hope you understand what my problem is and can help me out.

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  1. Thx for the reply, unfortunately this guide is all about Windows and i only have Linux servers.
    However maybe there's some general info in there i can use to look for a solution.

    I have already contacted 3ware and they said there should be an option to switch the whole RAID array if both controllers are in the same version range (thankfully they are!).
    It's called "array roaming" and i will look into it.

    Meanwhile i hope someone else has some experience with Linux and changing RAID arrays.
  2. You will find that this is more of a controller problem than a linux problem. If you get everything configured on the controller correctly then moving the drives should involve little or no linux at all. Just a guess though, i've never done this and I dont have the hardware to run through this to help you. I know with solaris I can just move a boot drive from one chassis to another and nothing needs to be done. I just works. If linux sees your RAID array as a single drive, which is should, then this could be the same scenario.

    That is a huge array on the new server. Rebuild times will be several days if you have a problem. If you dont need that much continuous space and dont mind wasting another couple drives, I would consider splitting it into two or more volumes. Plus you might get better performance if that is an issue.
  3. I do not have that much experience with Linux and RAID controllers and am curious if it would work in another server with other hardware.
    I know for instance that Windows normally would not have much problems when the harddisk is replaced in another machine.
    It detects the new hardware and most of the times it should work.

    Yes, Linux sees my RAID array as a single drive. I partitioned it into several partitions and need to use 1 large approx. 26TB partition
    for my backup filesystem. It needs to be 1 continuous space because the backup uses hardlinks which only work on 1 filesystem.

    I use JFS on top of LVM2 for the large 26TB filesystem.
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