A couple of basic questions about hard drive docking stations

I am possibly interested in purchasing a docking station. Could someone please enlighten me on a few things......

First of all, do the new docking stations support the Sata drives and also the old non-Sata products(typical hard drives on old PC's)?

Next....... are docking stations a simply "plug and play" type of product? That is, if I want to put an image on a drive is it a simple matter of putting a hard drive in the docking station, then connecting the docking station to a PC, and then transferring the content onto the drive? Can you simply "drag and drop" content onto a hard drive mounted on a docking station the same way that you would with an external hard drive?

When you use a docking station does your PC simply assign a drive letter to the mounted hard drives the same way that it assigns a drive letter to a USB flash drive or any other external hard drive?

How complicated is it to use a docking station to do a fresh install of Windows XP?

Can you hot swap hard drives in a docking station?

Any particular brand(s) that you recommend?


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  1. Whether an HD docking station supports SATA or not depends on the product itself, check the specs.

    Ideally, docking stations, the SATA kind, should allow hot swapping. However, especially if the drive in question is your system drive, you may not be able to remove the hard disk until the computer is off, unless you want to risk data loss.

    As for installing Windows XP via a hot swapped drive, I don't see why not.
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