PCI E 1.0 or 2.0 is it worth it?

hey guys just woundering if pci-e 2 is worth it over 1.0 ...Am i gonna see any huge difference in gameplay? im going to assume no but thought id ask anyway ...trying to rule out which board to get ..

Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L


Gigabyte EP45-DS3L

ive herd the p45 chipset lacks badly doesent even keep up with the p35 in most cases.... but if 2.0 is worth it then....

also is the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L a good board? reliable ? good overclocker?.... TIA guys , have a good one.
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  1. You heard wrong. Compared to p35, p45 runs cooler, overclocks higher, and is more stable. P35 was a popular chipset, so there is a lot of misguided "loyalty" toward this particular obsolete, although still decently performing piece of hardware. Another thing is, p45 is the official replacement of p35, which is going out of production. Support is going to be poor from that point forward, as with all discontinued hardware.
  2. Are you saying that my P35-DQ6 is obsolete? How dare you! :lol:
  3. the review on the p45 on tomshardware says its crappy and not worth it ...tom says the p35 is the way to go??
  4. sean1986 said:
    the review on the p45 on tomshardware says its crappy and not worth it ...tom says the p35 is the way to go??
    Thanks for the link. No one has answered the OPs question about PCIe 1.0 vs 2.0. This article is a little dated. I don't see any recent articles about this. I know they are there. Anyone?

    Crossfire Meets PCI Express 2.0 : Crossfire Up To 20 Percent Faster - Tom's Hardware
  5. Pcie1.0 will bottleneck hd4000s cards in cf, but not earlier hd3000s. It's a moot point for p45 though, since in cf mode, it runs pcie2.0 at 8x, even though pcie2.0 doubles bandwidth, it's still the same as the old pcie at 16x. You'd really need x38/48 to cf hd4000s cards.
    Of course, old p35, with its pcie1.1 at 8x each in cf mode, will really tank those graphics cards.
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