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Hello - I am planning to build up a small computer so I can play some games and do work. It might, in the future, be used to record TV and output to a TV (kind of HTPC-like). I'm looking at the motherboards on Newegg to see what's there. I'll be putting in a video card in there, but I'm not looking for ultra-performance and overclocking all over the place, so I'm fine with default values and on a somewhat budget. I think I'll be putting in a Wolfdale CPU in there. I was looking initially at ASUS boards (something else not ASUS is fine, though) - there is 1) and 2) with a $50 price difference. The only significant differences I see (that might matter to me in the future) are the increased number of PCIe slots. Is it not necessary for me to get the more expensive boards?

- Eli
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  1. The second one uses an obsolete 945 chipset; stick with a modern chipset.
  2. eluong1,

    VoodooDan from HP here - A choice for a motherboard often depends on what kind of games you plan to run, and how often you plan to upgrade. A board I recommend that is not too pricey (yet has the headroom for upgrade later if you find you need more punch) would be the EVGA 780i. This board still uses DDR2 which is much less expensive than DDR3 like on the 790i, but is a great performing board and is SLI ready if you decide to go nuts later and get two cards to play that latest title. We use this board in our BlackBird002 systems in the retail version, and in the low to mid range configurations.

    Hope this helped you out in your decision.

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