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After I login my desktop displays but nothing else works, no icons, taskbar and right click. ive tried restore but that does not work either. any suggestions?
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  1. When you get to the desktop, press ctrl+alt+delete. Open the task manager-->go to file-->new task-->type explorer.exe and press enter. That should restore your desktop and taskbar.
  2. tried it, says explorer not found...
  3. Try booting into safe mode.
  4. just a black screen, no desktop again.
  5. Try the suggestion above while in safe mode.
  6. same explorer not found
  7. Do you have an XP disc? If yes, perform a repair install.
  8. when i get to step 6 it wont let me repair, only setup winxp, create partition, or delete.
  9. What is displayed for the partitioned/unpartitioned space?

    Or, can you take a picture of the screen and post it?
  10. heres the best I could do...
  11. How big is your hard drive? From that picture, it's showing it as ~19GB.
  12. yea right around there
  13. Look at the bottom of the screen. What are the options?
  14. install, delete partition, quit
  15. It looks like your install is completely corrupt. It's not recognizing your current install.

    My advice would be, to slave it into another PC, and try to copy off any data you can. Either that, or do a fresh install, and use the following 2 programs to recover what data you can.
  16. Damn, I was hoping that it wouldn't come to that...

    Anyways, thanks for all the help and prompt replies
  17. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    You might also want to run some diagnostic scans on that hard drive, to make sure it's not damaged. The hard drive manufacturer will have a tool on their website that you can download.
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