New Lanbox or other mATX build (need help!)

Hi everyone..

It's been a few months since I posted here, but now I need advice again :D

Going to be building an mATX system for my GF... she wants something small and portable.

Here's what I've been thinking:

CPU - AMD 2.5ghz brisbane 64 x2 (it's like 62.99 I think)
Mobo - Not sure where to start... asus vs gigabyte basically
Case - Lanbox?? Other?? Not sure what case to use.
PSU - one that fits in whatever case I get ... lawl
RAM - 2 x 1 gb G.skill (cheap and effective. I've got some in both of mine and have no complaints)
HDD - Seagate something or other... don't need advice on this part.
GPU - Leaning towards 8600gt... it's good enough to play most games on medium settings, it's what I put in my brother's computer and that plays assassin creed and a lot of other new games. Might spring the extra $$ for like an ATI 3850 or something, not real sure what the good ones from ATI are right now, but heard they go better with AMD anyway.

Really open to suggestions at this point.

Thanks :D

Forgot to mention a few things...
1. Budget is 850 max after tax & shipping. Would like to see it in the 700-750 range.
2. Also need to include about 169.99 for monitor (19" Acer LCD on sale at newegg with free shipping)
3. Needs keyboard/mouse but that's 21.99 for the cheap microsoft package (usb) on newegg as well
4. Needs DVD drive... there's cheap burners on there for like $29.99, So not worried there either.

Thanks again and in advance for any advice.
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  1. Please help. Need advice on:

  2. Still would like to get some input on this.

    Even if I went with Intel's 2160 or 2180 and OC to 3.0ghz maybe that would be better than AMD...

    I still need to know good matx mobo case & psu.

    Please help.
  3. This is a normal ATX Build, personally I would probably look into getting a mATX motherboard instead and swapping the case out but it's fine, not too big of a case.

    DIYPC Solo-T1-R Black

    Dell E2215HV Black 21.5"


    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)

    Intel Core i5-4460

    MSI GTX 750 Ti 2GB

    Rosewill ARC-M550W Modular Power Supply

    Western Digital Blue 1TB

    LITE-ON DVD Drive

    Grand Total:$670

    I realize this is an old ass thread, oops. Ah well, i'll leave this up for others.
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