Building a home file server.

I've been thinking about building a PC to act as a dedicated file server running some level of RAID at home for quite some time. Today a friend turned me onto a deal on woot. I ended up with 3 500GB hard drive for about $125.

I'm wanting to do this on the cheap, so any suggestions on the hardware (especially RAID ready mobo's) would be extremely helpful.


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  1. For my application redundancy is more important than recovery speed. I will mostly be storing family videos, pictures, and other multimedia.
  2. JackNaylorPE said:

    That is a hefty price tag. I'd kicked around the idea of NAS but haven't seen anything affordable. I've already dropped $125 on drives and I think I can build the whole system for less than $625. Does that sound reasonable.
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    Whatever you decide to do, make sure to take the files that you CANNOT imagine losing and write them to something that is not permanently connected to your computer. Don't rely on raid to protect against a catastrophe. $625 sounds reasonable. Just get a mobo with enough sata ports that gets reliable reviews on newegg and your set. Intel raid works well enough for what it is. Never messed with the amd raid stuff, but a friend of mine has been running a raid 5 for about a year with no problems.
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