4850 VS 4850 CF Minimal performance increase?

ATI has good cards but thats not the only thing that matters. Their drivers still suck. Something that Nvidia is always on top of.


4850 in CF get minimal performance increase yet a 4870x2 get 40-60% increase in performance.

My second question is why are they using two CF bridges in this picture?

Does it increase speed?
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  1. I'd bet drivers as the best reason why the 4850CF had little gains in Crysis in that test. Also, given that the 4870x2 scales beautifully now in crysis compared to a single 4870, I'd bet that a driver release in not too long will improve Crysis scaling significantly.
  2. The benchmark youre looking at is crysis. crysis was optimized for Nvidia cards and is notorious for having scaling problems. dont be a fanboy
  3. The day Nvidia is on top of drivers is the day hell freezes over.

    Just because Nvidia optimized drivers for one game dont mean it works on other things. Over 60% of Vista crashers were because of shaddy Nvidia drivers. Thats not what I call on top of drivers.

    Theres plenty of games where SLI dont scale well either. Dont flame just because you went SLI and you feel let down.
  4. Agreed. Every time my Vista PC has crashed, and I haven't done an unstable overclock, it's been Nvidia drivers.
  5. both kinda suck
    but personally ive had more problems with ati drivers...

    the only game i mainly use for testing is crysis... which we know is nvidia biased....
    however in the vista 64 environment....and even in xp32...ive had trouble with ati drivers in windows more frequently
  6. Not a nvidia fanboy. Im very neutral and actually switch frequently. Although i do think ATI has more problems then Nvidia i bought a 4850. I had my bro and my other 2 friends buy one too and all 4 of us went to a lanparty with all 4850s.

    Thx guys i actually didn't know the 4850 CF did so good in other games cause crysis is the first one I looked at before i got too disappointed to go any further

    Now my second question is do two CF bridges increase performance over one single one?
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