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hi i have an old amd lying around and tried to overclock it. i increased the fsb fromm 133 to 166 and it wen t faster and then to 200 i think and it doesnt boot up anymore. tried resetting the cmos, which usually solved the problem while overclocking the multiplier, but now it does nothing and then pc just remains at a blank screen when turned on.

please help, thanks
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  1. Sounds like you fried something... :(
    Unfortunately it would be hard to figure out over the net, I'd have to be there to look at it to be sure...
    Did you use good cooling when overclocking? and try resetting the CMOS again with the battery out...
    That's about how much I can help you with the information you gave...good luck! :)
  2. thanks, will try the battery thing later but i think i might have already tried that. iv taken out the processor and if anything is suppossed to look different when its fried, it all looks fine. so no idea what the problem could be. just stock cooling was used but the overclock lasted for no time at all, just after i changed the sb, it didnt boot. but will carry on trying what i can.

    thanks for the help :)
  3. Technically nothing should have fired if you didn't raise the voltage...the bios chip could have died or something...What I'm saying is if anything broke it would probably be the motherboard...hope this helps...
  4. Sorry, I meant fried, not fired...LOL :lol:
  5. Put everything bad to default settings and try this:
    Boot problems:
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