I left on my computer last night to download with the monitor turned off.

So i wake up this morning, turn the monitor back and and it says monitor is asleep and there is no input signal.


Also i checked event viewer and i have like 2000 errors in the last week. Surely thats not good!?

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  1. 1: overclocked too high
    2: faulty products
    3: too hot
  2. Hmm I really doubt its 1 or 3 since everything is at stock (i.e. no OCing).

    But the thing is my comp runs perfectly fine, just these random things happen.

    I had 1600 problems from DistrubtedCom (10016)

    What the hell is that lol?
  3. You might want to include your full specs. Does it boot to the OS? Did you test the RAM? Oh, by the way, what are your specs?

    On first glance from your posts it sounds like a virus, but that is limited to the information at hand, which isn't much.
  4. BFG 8800GT OC
    2GB Mushkin Ram
    Vista 32bit

    All at stock...

    I really doubt I have a virus, AVG is always updated and clean etc..

    I haven't had many errors in last 4 days though, only from WMI (ID:10)

    What is WMI and how do I solve that error??

    The thing thats really bugging me is the no input signal I got this morning...
  5. Try letting Memtest86+ run overnight. If you wake up in the morning and it is still running and you have video, then save your data and reload windows. Assuming you don't show RAM errors of course.

    Download the Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip). Unzip it and burn a bootable CD.

    You will need ISO Recorder v2 or other ISO burning software.
  6. This is so old I almost forgot about it. You can try it, but don't be disappointed.

    GRC | DCOMbobulator

    A reload will probably be easier in the long run.
  7. Did anyone think about that the OS might have put the video into sleep mode and that you have to move the mouse or touch keyboard to wake it back up? Let's look at the fairly obvious. He left it on over night and turned off the monitor and then turned it back on. You can't bring a computer out of sleep mode turning the monitor back on.
  8. I seriously hope that is not the case or all is lost.
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