Is OCZ a good brand?

I intend to upgrade to Nehalem and I have seen this triple channel memory:

OCZ 3GB DDR3 PC3-12800C8 1600MHz Gold (3x1GB) Triple Channel DDR3 (OCZ3G1600LV3GK)

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  1. OCZ is a good brand but would you really want only 3gb RAM in such a system? I'd say wait until more triple-channel below 1.65V RAM comes out, there's bound to be some with better specs and 2gb sticks.
  2. I´ve heard that Windows XP can only handle up to 4 Gb.

    I don´t Know if it is true.

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Regards
  3. XP 32-bit can use up to 3.x
    XP 64-bit or Vista 32-bit can use up to 4
    Vista 64-bit can use much more than you'll need.

    OCZ is a very good brand.
  4. A 32 bit OS can address up to 4GB of ram, it's simple math.
    Windows due to it's design reserves part of the ram for other than user program use.
    A 64 OS can address up to 16 Exabytes, Windows 64 bit OSes limit this to 16 Terabytes.
    Have fun with that overpriced Nehalem configuration, I will wait until it drops to less than a third of what you will pay for it.
    OCZ is good, I have been using G Skill with out troubles.
  5. OCZ tends to have more problems than other brands, because so much of their stuff is "pre-overclocked" and often doesn't work properly at standard voltages.

    In general, stay away from any DDR2 RAM with a spec voltage higher than 1.9V and from any DDR3 RAM with a spec voltage higher than 1.6V.
  6. I dont know but i have been quite happy with them,in my old rig which i gave it to my sister i have 4GB OCZ REAPER DDR2 800,OCZ PROXSTREAM 1KW PSU and OCZ 8800GTX.
    And it my current system i have again 4GB OCZ REAPER DDR2 800 RAM with OCZ MODXSTREAM 900W and i am extremely pleased with its products :)
  7. Thank you everybody. Regards
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